From One Field to Another

First of all, I feel like that title is kind of my life motto. Hahaha annnyyywayy…

I only got a few hours of sleep the night before my early departure from the clubhouse. I walked outside my bedroom and, as always, the field was right there out the kitchen window. This time, the sky was pink. I’m sure you’ve seen all my sunset pictures of you follow me very closely at all. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful sunsets, but I’ll be honest and say that I don’t remember the last time I was up early enough to see a sunrise (in Austria). I never saw one that bright and I feel like it was my send off from that beautiful place. Maybe every morning was like that, who knows, but that’s the one I saw and how I saw it. I said my goodbyes to my teammates the night before. In the morning it was the roommates. Our little family has gone home to the USA and Venezuela. I’ve made some friendships that will surely last forever.


Going from one continent to another calls for a very long travel day. I’ve done it a few times now so I’m definitely getting used to all of it. I flew from Vienna to Amsterdam and then from Amsterdam to Seattle. The second flight from Europe to the states is always a little weird. It’s a 9-10 hour flight but with the time difference it’s only about a 3 hour flight on paper. Say hello to jet lag! After the roughest landing I have ever experienced, I was back in the sweet Pacific Northwest. My brother picked me up and he was the only family I saw when I got there as my parents were living a dream of their own in Bora Bora. I only spent 19 hours at home before I had to leave again and almost all of that time was spent unpacking, packing, sleeping, and hanging out with my cats. For those of you that don’t know, I am going to graduate school back at CWU where I’m also helping coach the softball team on my old stomping grounds. Long story short, I had to be in Ellensburg at a meeting 24 hours after my plane landed and the school year began the day after that. It was quite the lifestyle switch. One day I was living in Europe, playing softball, hanging out with friends everyday. Two days later I was at my new apartment, a graduate student, and in a new role on the CWU softball team. I was pretty sad to be leaving Austria, but I was almost giddy about what I was walking into. It took me at least a week to get settled and I still had quite a bit to figure out after that. I’m excited about how my summer went and I’m stoked for what’s ahead.


From one field, to another


And to that, I close the book on Austria 2018. I hope I get to open another one sometime.


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