Penultimate Month

I traveled halfway across the world once again and landed back in Austria where I will be until about the middle of September. It was SO great to be home for a little while. I was very excited to come back, but again, that meant that I would have to say goodbye all over again. There definitely weren’t as many tears this time, but it is never easy. I love my family and it’s always tough to leave. Knowing exactly who and what you’re going back to helps a lot though. This will also be a shorter stint and I will see some of them again soon. I would say I’m getting pretty used to the 9 hour flights by now. Sometimes they drag on, but I was lucky enough to have some seriously comfortable seats. From Seattle to London, I was facing backwards. I’ve done that several times on trains and buses before, but never on a plane. I made it back after a another full day of traveling and not sleeping hardly at all despite the comfy seat (I was awake for about 34 hours straight). It was so good to see all of my roommates and teammates again. It has been HOT over here. We went swimming 3 days in a row after I got back. Every once in a while we’ll find ourselves at a lake for the day. I also went to dinner with some of my teammates at a place that serves traditional Austrian food. It was pretty good and a cool experience! It was called Heuriger Alte Feuerwehr and I had G’schmackige Fleischlaibchen. Try saying that 5 times fast. Besides the fun times and off days, it’s been back to the grind. Practices, individual work with teammates, and games.

We didn’t end the regular season the way I hoped we would, but we are still in the Final Four Tournament. One of the doubleheaders was a tough one. Our pitchers pitched well enough to win both games but the defense wasn’t there the whole time. Defense wins games so let’s hope that’ll come through. They were night games and we had a little rain delay in the first inning. That was a good day for me at the plate as I was being patient enough to hit the ball pretty solid again. However, I’d rather have a bad day at the plate and win than a good day and lose. It is what it is though. It’s time for the playoffs now! Both baseball and softball are in the playoffs so it will be an exciting end to the season.


I took a trip to Budapest with 5 of my teammates. It was beautiful and it was fun. I always love seeing and exploring new places no matter where I am in the world. We just settled into the apartment we rented the day we got there and took a night river cruise. The sun was setting when we got on then it was dark and every building was lit up by the time we were done. I was standing in the front row on the side of the boat and the people behind me were yelling at me in Hungarian. I stayed there and was able to see everything clearly and capture some sweet pictures. Throughout the trip, we visited the Budapest castle, the breathtaking Hungarian Parliament Building, and some small little coffee shops (including a cat cafe) along with just wandering the city. The train ride there and back was only a few hours long. On the way there we had to stand the whole time. I’ve never seen that many people on a train before. The girl I was standing next to was originally from LA and she said her cousin is the coach of the Chicago Bandits NPF team. So random but so cool. It was just a quick weekend trip and I’m so glad we made it happen.

There was a 5 day kids camp held at Ducksfield in Wr. Neustadt where some of the current Ducks and Chicklets helped out with. Four and a half days working 8 hours of camp, sometimes two hours of practice after, and also 4 games in the same week. Pretty exhausting week if you ask me. I slept quite a bit that weekend. It was a busy but enjoyable week. One day it rained almost all day. I think the summer rain was very refreshing, especially because I got pretty sunburned on the first day. Oops. We played a lot of Baseball 5 in that week. It was part of the camp and the baseball and softball teams had been playing too. Baseball 5 is basically street baseball. All you need is about 10 people, a ball, and space to play. No equipment needed. We added a little twist since it had been blazing hot outside: the area around home plate was a slip n’ slide. Some of my teammates and I decided to play in full uniform after our home doubleheader. It was so much fun. I’m not going to lie though…I was so sore afterwards, but I’m also going to blame some of that on playing 3 or 4 games of pickup basketball that weekend as well..

Time flies and it’s absolutely crazy that my summer in Austria is almost over. It’s been so much fun and I can’t wait to enjoy what time I have left.


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