Home Turf

Well, as some of you know if you’ve been following my adventures, I came home in the middle of June unexpectedly. I wasn’t supposed to fly home until the beginning of July. Long story short, I had to leave earlier than planned to be able to go back and play the rest of the season in Austria with my team. It all happened within two days. From the moment I found out I had to get out of there, I called and talked to my parents for quite some time. About 36 hours later I was on a plane back to the US. It was wild to say the least. Unfortunately, I had to miss a few games and 3 more weeks in Austria because of it.

It’s always nice to come home to everyone and everything I know. This time it was so great to have some extra time to see all my family and friends. I intentionally (and unintentionally) surprised people. Everything happened SO FAST that I didn’t have time to think or even tell people I was coming back. When I got back into my house, my cats didn’t know who I was. Give it a day or two and they were back to normal, begging for food and all. My little kitties are my pals and you bet I was with them as much as I could and took way too many pictures of them. I will always enjoy any time I can spend at home no matter how old I am or what I’m doing in life. I saw some of my family in Blaine, my friends in town, and even made a trip over to Ellensburg which will be my home (again) for the next couple years. Super stoked for that chapter in life. I channeled my slowpitch game a little bit too. Sometimes you just gotta have a little fun while keeping the wing loose and swinging the stick. It’s also a great way to reconnect with old friends.

Then, there’s MAUI…

I was looking forward to this 2 week vacation since it was booked a year in advance. I knew I would have been away from everyone for about three months beforehand and I was so excited to be reunited. It is one of the few times out of the year that my mom, dad, both my brothers and I are all together. We had a little extra company this time and it was even better. My year and a half old nephew was there the whole time. That little guy is growing so fast, especially when I don’t get to see him that often. Like I’ve mentioned before, we vacation and we vacation hard. By that I mean, lay by the pool in a gazebo every single day. Everything about Maui and the resort we stay at is just so laid back and puts everyone in a good mood. We know that island like the back of our hand and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Pool volleyball, playing catch on the beach, shopping in town, sunsets every night, dinners out at night, and everything in between is so much fun. Relaxing with the family is the greatest. I distinctly remember one sunny afternoon when my dad, my mom, and I were all in our gazebo reading our books. Moments like that I take a second to think…it is so simple but so meaningful without even speaking. The company, the surroundings, and everything in between all make it so special. With being away as much as I have been and as much as I will be in the future, I’ll never take anything like that for granted. Two weeks seems like a long time, but it goes by so fast. It may sound like it could get boring with just sitting by the pool and not doing “touristy” things I suppose, but it doesn’t. It never does.

With all that being said, I really have missed my life across the world, and I’m so glad I get the chance to go back. I get to go back to a place I’ve known, my good friends, and the game that took me there.

I couldn’t be more thankful for this life, the people in it, and opportunities I’ve been given.



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