Wandering Chicklets Encounter Sharx

Saturday May 26, 2018

It was our third doubleheader and first road games of the season. The day began at Ducksfield and we split up and drove to Vienna to play the Wanderers again. It was a scorcher that day, over 80 degrees with no wind and the sun beaming right into our dugout the entire day. We came away with the sweep winning the first game 9-1 by mercy rule and the second game 22-0 also by mercy rule (in the 3rd inning).

We faced both of the pitchers on opening day and I had no trouble adjusting to the timing then. However, for some reason it took me a little longer the second time. Maybe it was because the fences were 40 feet shorter on the field in Vienna than our home field and I got a little too anxious. The first game was not my best at the plate, but I did have an RBI and a walk. All that matters is we won so I was happy about that. Everyone was firing on all cylinders in the second game. We scored 10 runs in the first inning. I was 4-4 with three doubles, one triple, 7 RBI, and two runs. Needless to say, I got my timing down the second time. All you gotta do is “think right center”; the wise words of Coach Bee. With the two wins, we stood with a record of 4-2 which was good for 3rd in the conference. I was a little thrown off guard after the games when a couple of the players asked if I wanted to stay for a little while and watch the baseball game that was going on at the time. It’s just another difference from college ball in the US. There, we would all load up on a big charter bus, go to the games, and then leave after we were able to talk to our parents for a few minutes. Everything is just more laid back from what I am used to. With that said, I was fortunate enough to have been coached by high intensity, enthusiastic coaches from the time I was 11 years old. I am the player I am today because of them and for that I am forever grateful.


Vienna Wanderers home field

Saturday June 2, 2018

We were supposed to play a single game on Friday against the Sharx, but a monsoon decided to sink the field. It was all underwater in the morning, and by the afternoon it had cleared up pretty well, but still deemed unplayable. The lake was gone the next morning and by the middle of the first game it was completely dry like it had never even rained. It was probably in the mid 70s that day. The way the field dries up blows my mind. We didn’t take any water off of it ourselves, it all absorbed and disappeared on its own within one day. The field is right outside our window and I felt like I was staring outside all day to see how it was looking. Perks of being in the clubhouse!

The Sharx are from eastern Austria and they were standing in first place at 2-0 coming into the day. They have one of the stronger offensive lineups in the league and some decent pitchers. I played centerfield in the first game and got a lot of action there. It seemed like every other hitter found the gap and that I was just running back and forth. I threw a girl out that tried to tag up on a fly ball. Not on my watch! I’m not sure what the score was at the point, but it’s always fun to throw someone out no matter where it’s from. I don’t mind the outfield at all. I like throwing and running down the flyballs, but I’m still waiting to get a ball that I can dive for. I may be primarily an infielder, but toss me in the outfield and I’ll get it done. Anyway, we lost the first game 16-4. It was close up until about the 5th inning and things kind of fell apart. I was 2-2 with an RBI double, 2 runs, a stolen base. I also got hit by a pitch in the ribs. I’ve heard from multiple people that it may have been on purpose, but all I saw was a free base and bruise with seam marks 🙂

The second game was a different story. The import pitchers are allowed to pitch game 2 of doubleheaders. More often than not, these games are a pitchers duel. We kind of traded runs until the end of the game. In the first inning, I sent the ball over the leftfielders head for an RBI triple. Cue the waffle defense…When the Sharx import was up to bat with first base open later in the game, our coaches decided to intentionally walk her to load the bases. The intentional walks are like the MLB, you don’t even have to throw a pitch. The next batter hit a ground ball to me at third and we got the out at home. After that we had a couple errors that allowed them to take the lead 2-1. Eidy threw a no-hitter so that was the only way that they could get on base and score. In the 6th inning, we got out lead off runner on first on a single up the middle and I came up to the plate. Intentional walk. Bottom of the 6th? Tie game? Go ahead run to 2nd? No outs? I’ll take it! I popped up to the pitcher in the previous at bat. She dropped it and I got on base, but I’m not perfect. I’m not going to get a hit to the outfield every time. They didn’t want to see the import-import battle again I guess. Jokes on them though, both runners scored and we won the game 4-2. We are still in third place at 5-3 and the race is very close. We have a little break and our next games are in a couple weeks against the only team we haven’t played yet and the team that beat us twice. Looking forward to some more good games!

7:30am Saturday
Game ready, 11:15am

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