Blessed is an Understatement

This one’s for you, mom, grab a tissue.

I still can’t believe the surprise went so well. It was a very weird thing to process when I thought you were 5,000 miles away at home on the other side of the world enjoying your morning while I was at practice. I didn’t know what to do with myself, as you can see in the video, I dropped the ball I caught and froze. You and dad were/are always so supportive, but when I committed to playing overseas, I didn’t think that I would see any of my family while I was away. I was lucky enough to still have the privilege to go on our annual family trip to Maui a little over halfway through my stay in Austria, which is another thing I will never take for granted. I’m glad it was a surprise though. It made the moment and the following days so special. My smile was a little bigger while you were here. You don’t know this, but my roommates kept saying how happy I looked. Every day I kind of had to check myself, like is this really happening? I’m overseas playing softball, my mom is here, and her best friend is here. So much fun! Thank you, for flying halfway across the world.

You watched every practice and game I had while you were here. I’m sure you miss watching games all the time and I definitely miss playing with you and dad there. The game is very different overseas than what we are used to and I’m glad you got a chance to see how it all works. It was really cool to see you sitting in the bleachers or up on the flat watching. I always caught myself looking around, trying to believe it all. I wish we could have won the games while you were here, but I’m just glad you got to see me play again. I know dad would have come if he could have too. At least you can show him some pictures and videos from what you saw. Thank you, for capturing all the memories with me.

When you see your mom at the park with a camera again

I had been trying to get my travel plans together around that time. Five minutes after you got there, you asked me about going to Salzburg the next day and told me that you had booked a hotel for the weekend. Um, YES PLEASE. A little over 12 hours later and we were on a train across the country. Spontaneous trips are always fun. Two minutes after that, you told me that you guys were going to Prague with Megan and I. Okay, EVEN BETTER. I love traveling and seeing new places and still can’t believe that I got to go to three beautiful cities with you. It’s hard to put the feelings into words. We got to explore Salzburg, Vienna, and Prague. What a dream. We were very busy but it was very memorable. You and Katie got to see so much in just a short time. As if anything could make it all a hundred times better, I was able to spend Mother’s Day with you, in Prague. Never in a million years could I have guessed for that to happen. I can’t think of anything more special than that. Thank you, for traveling with me.


After you left, it almost felt empty. Looking around and not seeing you or Katie walking around just didn’t feel right. I had been here for a little over a month before you got there and I was used to how everything was. Then you graced the grounds of Wr. Neustadt for the first time and everything changed. I got used to seeing you every day again. I stayed at the hotel rather than the clubhouse almost every night that we were in town because I had to take advantage of the time I was given. The day you arrived, I also felt a little bit of sadness. I knew that a visit meant that I would have to say goodbye again and we all know that is no easy task, but I don’t think your time in Austria could have gone any better. It may have only been 10 days, but those 10 days are some that I will surely remember forever. Places I went with you and Katie and other things we did just weren’t the same when you guys were gone. Even just riding a bike was so different. Also, because the Sound of Music bike tour was the best thing ever so I’m not sure any bike ride will ever top that. I had to get used to everything again. I feel very lucky that I am even able to have the opportunity to not only play overseas, but that I was able to have a little bit of family come see me. Thank you, for being you.

I can’t wait to enjoy Hawaii with you and the rest of the family.


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