Home Away From Home

I meant to make a post earlier to give a follow up on our first games, but I just got caught up in the day to day life and here I am almost a week and a half later. You may have seen the updates already as we won both games against the Vienna Wanderers. Here you go!

We got our fresh new uniforms after practice on Friday right before the games. There was so much excitement and anticipation that it was hard to sleep. I hadn’t played a game in about 11 months so I was itchin’ to get going. I’ve been here practicing and all that for a little over a month, but nothing compares to game day. There’s just something special about it. Blasting music, dropping cage bombs, warming up the wing, and stepping on the dirt are a few things that I will never take for granted. I played centerfield in the first game and third in the second game. A few balls were hit to me when I was in center, but I didn’t get anything at third because Eidy just plowed through the lineup. I scored some runs, smacked a few to the fence, and took a couple trots down to first. We only played 8 total innings because we won 10-0 in 4 innings both games. I wasn’t expecting the game to be over after 4 because I am so used to the 8 after 5 rule in college. Also, I was due up next in one of the games. I can’t even count how many times that has happened to me, it’s rough I tell ya. The batter’s box is one of my favorite spots to be. It’s me against the pitcher; a battle I strive to win every chance I’m given.


Our opening day also fell on CWU Softball Alumni Day. I sure was missing my CWU family that day, but luckily my parents were able to go to the games. I was video chatting them during the games and also got to talk to my buddies Sammy and Taylor for a little while too. My mom took me, AKA her phone, around and let me say hi to some of my former teammates and others from the wildcat fam. If I can’t physically be somewhere, I’ll be there virtually if I can! A week after Alumni Day was my cousins wedding at one of my favorite places with (almost) the whole family. I love our family and I love it when we all come together. That was a tough one to miss, but like I said, my MVP (most valuable parents) video chatted me in again. It was a quick call but I was also able to talk to them for a couple hours the next day and that always brightens my day.


Ever since I got here, the weather has been beautiful. I’ve heard that the sun is still trying to come out at home. It has been in the 70s and even in the 80s some days. Anyway, Sunday is a pretty chill day around here. The club slowpitch team also had games on the weekend. It seems like there is always something happening here at Ducksfield. Bored? Usually there will be some kind of game to watch, there’s always that option to go hit whenever I want, or sometimes some of my teammates come for a little hitting lesson. The younger baseball teams play quite often and sometimes I help umpire a couple of their games as well. Ducksfield is also hosting the Danube Cup which will be a baseball and softball tournament between Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary. That will be an interesting one to watch!

Our coaches were gone for one of our practice days and I was in charge for the day. Coach Campbell at your service! The whole team wasn’t there because it wasn’t a mandatory day. I took them through a few of the drills that I learned when I played at CWU under Coach Bee. I enjoyed it and I think it gives me good practice for when I’m tossed right into coaching when I return home.

Eidy and I finally got on the bikes and take little rides sometimes. Riding bikes is pretty fun and I haven’t done it very often. We’ve taken them to the grocery store a few times, which always seems like a good idea….until you come out the doors with your hands full. It’s either bags on your shoulder or on the handlebars, but it all works! The field is very close to the stores so we don’t have to ride very far.


Some of the team invited us to go to a lake house to have a little BBQ before practice that night. Practice turned into watching the USSSA Pride European Tour game against the Netherlands. Anyway, we went to Neufelder See and it was COLD. I didn’t swim, but some people did. It was pretty windy too. I just took it all in and looked at all the views while hanging out with some teammates. It was just a lake and could have looked very similar to something I have seen before back home, but every time I see a beautiful view my mind takes a few steps back. I’m in Europe, in Austria, in a different country halfway around the world and I get to experience things I never thought I’d be able to do or see. Wow. Life is crazy and I could not be more thankful and grateful for the life I live.


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